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Peter Wolf in a recent interview with Modern Guitars Magazine

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Former PRS™ Director of R&D and Private Stock launches Joseph S. Knaggs Guitars

Joe Knaggs (Photo: Michael G. Stewart)

Joe Knaggs (Photo: Michael G. Stewart)

(Annapolis, MD) July 25, 2009: Joseph S. Knaggs, formerly PRS’™ Director of R&D and Private Stock™ announced the launch of Joseph S. Knaggs Guitars (

For the past 25 years, Joe has been successfully designing, creating and building beautiful, award winning instruments for PRS Guitars™.

His creativity in designing and building great instruments has established Joe as one of the most respected designers and builders of high end acoustic and electric guitars, basses and mandolins. Joe recently left PRS Guitars™ to venture on his own and start JSK Guitars.

“I really look forward to utilizing my skills as an artist and a luthier to create themes, ideas and designs that are close to my heart. The fact that these concepts and products are for my own company in the future make it that much more exciting! Brandwolf Consulting will be the engine to channel and promote JSK Guitars. I am extremely confident that Peter Wolf’s expertise will assure and enhance the respect I have gained from industry peers and players. Having Peter at my side will allow me the freedom to focus on design and creation as I stated in a recent interview with Gitarre & Bass magazine, Germany.”

Peter Wolf said: “I’ve had the opportunity to witness and support Joe’s many unique skills from a close range in the past 13 years. He certainly is one of the best designers and builders of high-end instruments I’ve come across in my 35 years in this industry. I’m very excited and honored to be working with Joe again and to help him channel his creativity and talents in the future”.

Instruments with the JSK logo are proudly being designed and created on the East Coast of the United States of America and will be distributed World wide.

Former PRS Director of Sales & Marketing launches Consulting company

Peter Wolf(Annapolis, MD) July 2009: Peter Wolf, formerly PRS’ Director of Sales & Marketing announced launch of his consulting company Brandwolf Consulting LLC.

Peter has been an integral part of the music industry since 1974. His involvement with major brands, especially in the global high end guitar and amplifier market, has been documented in industry publications, books, interviews and features across the World.

Peter’s association with PRS Guitars began 1986 as a partner at Prosound Music Center, Koblenz, Germany, one of Europe’s leading retailers for musical instruments, band and studio equipment in the 70s and 80s.
In 1990, Peter founded PRS Guitars Germany, a distribution company importing and distributing high end guitars and amplifiers to Central European countries.

In 1997, he was appointed International Sales Manager and promoted Director of Sales & Marketing for PRS Guitars in October of 2004.

Under his direction, PRS Guitars’ export sales increased 10-fold in only 10 years and distributors and dealers in 56 additional countries were appointed and cultivated.

Throughout the World, Peter Wolf is known as a Sales & Marketing expert and strategist capable of analyzing and anticipating trends and creating effective distribution channels in the music industry.

“I can quite confidently state that much of PRS’ meteoric rise in both sales and profile can be attributed to Peter Wolf’s abilities, enthusiasm and unique understanding of our market place. He is an asset to any company he is involved with and without doubt one of the most astute, visionary and respected men in the music industry today” said Ray Kimber, Managing Director of Electric Factory, Australia.

“I guess I have a talent for finding talented people and promoting and helping them to reach their goals and dreams. I look forward to working with associates and friends on a new level in the future. I also look forward to creating new relationships and friendships while doing so” said Peter Wolf in a recent interview with Gitarre & Bass magazine in Germany.