Peter Wolf was born and raised in Germany. Formal education includes a BA in Business with a major in management and marketing and a degree in insurance & banking. Peter owned and operated retail and distribution companies in Europe between 1978 and 1997. Through his involvement with PRS Guitars, first as one of their exclusive distributors in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg (1986 – 1997), and later as their Director of Sales & Marketing (1997 – 2009), he moved his family to the US in 2003. Peter is multi-lingual (German/English) with basics in French, Italian and Spanish.

Peter Wolf is known as a marketing/branding expert and strategist, and a visionary net worker who has far reaching contacts and relationships on a global basis.

Peter’s first love is soccer; his second love is music and art of any kind. He has played and recorded with numerous Artists in Europe and in the US and continues to be an active musician.

Over the past three decades, I have come to know a broad range of music authorities, including people formally trained in marketing; accomplished musicians who can speak to other players in their own language; people sufficiently versed in guitar construction to speak in technical terms to inventors, designers, and factory workers; multi-lingual sales people who understand not only the languages of various peoples around the world but their cultures as well; savvy professionals who know how to use marketing, promotions, and advertising so as to most effectively brand and place products in the highly competitive global music market; and marketing veterans with long experience in international commerce.

But in all my years in this industry I have met only one person who combines all of those attributes: Peter Wolf. He is not only a member of a highly select group; in the entire guitar and musical instruments industry he may as well be literally unique.

Prof. Thomas Wheeler, Eugene, Oregon
former Editor-in-chief of Guitar Player and author of numerous books and publications

Article from MTN, October 2007:

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